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Favorite Japanese Rock Bands?
mark ryden, inside sue
What are your favorite japanese rock bands?

Mine would have to be: Banjax, Brain Death, Gallhammer, Hang on the Box, Mind Of Asian, Shonen Knife, Yellow Machinegun, and probably more I can't think of right now.

「Skull N' Roses」
anyone there to help maintaining this community? i suck as a maintainer and i don't want to leave grrrlesque alone, so if there's anyone willing to help... you know, just leave a comment. graphic skills very welcome. thanks in advance!

mark ryden, inside sue
I'm honored to be a mod of spit_bug, Thanks Lee! :) I have a suggestion: I think the layout to this community is hard to read because some of the text is written in white and the background is white, so its hard to read. I do plan on posting more in this community within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned to this community.

Shonen Knife Forum
mark ryden, inside sue
I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

Shonen Knife Forum

The forum is for fans of shonen knife and j-punk. Come join the forum if your a fan of shonen knife or j-punk.

Shonen Knife Forum
mark ryden, inside sue
What does everyone think of the idea of having a shonen knife forum? The forum would be for discussion of shonen knife, obviously. Yes, I am very aware that this community is a forum for shonen knife, however, there are more people interested in shonen knife out there that are not on livejournal. If I get enough heads up for the idea, I will make the forum. If I don't get many replies to this post, then I will NOT make the forum.

I am thinking of using proboards or invisionfree for the forum provider. If anyone is interested in helping me out with the forum: layout, ideas, or being a moderator on the forum, Please let me know by replying to this post. Also, The forum will be discussed outside of livejournal, so if you really want to help out, please leave your email address in a reply to this post OR you can email me. My email address is listed on my profile page and please use the hotmail address and not the yahoo address. Thanks!

mod post
「Skull N' Roses」
hi there!

this community needs some serious changes. first of all - the mods.

from now on grrrlesque and i will be rocking this place.

i'll try to come up with new layout and user info too, soon.

if you have any ideas for the community to become a better place please share!


Gallhammer Interview on JaME
Petri // Om nom
JaME have just posted an interview with the band Gallhammer. The interview can be found here.


GO!GO!7188 singles
Would anyone by any chance have any of the following singles (or maybe a singles or B-sides collection?) of this superb band:
- Taiyou
- Jet Ninjin
- Koi no Uta
- Mushi'98
- Aa Seishun
- C7
- Ukifune
- Tane

Thanks in advance.

Diesel Ann!?
I really need to find the Diesel Ann Cd! Can you help me?

Follow this link to view the info about this 41 track compilation CD that is stuffed full of almost every song we recorded from 1996 to 2003 or just click here if you already know you want it!

Check out all our shit that they offer!

Thanks for your time,

Chachi On Acid

little request.
I'm looking for some music by Kana & Arinco Gang. Can someone upload some? :3


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