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「Skull N' Roses」
adarutoshoppu wrote in spit_bug
hi there!

this community needs some serious changes. first of all - the mods.

from now on grrrlesque and i will be rocking this place.

i'll try to come up with new layout and user info too, soon.

if you have any ideas for the community to become a better place please share!


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Hi Lee! :) I'm so glad to be a moderator of this community because I love asian rock music, especially the underground bands. I hope you don't mind, but I changed the layout colors a little bit. The white background and white text didn't look right, but I kept the white background and changed the text colors so we can see what is written in the community. I'm back on livejournal now and you can add me if you want here on LJ. I would like to chat with you about ideas (yours especially) for this community. It would be great to discuss spit_bug and changes we/you should make to this community. The user info is good, but it should be changed a little bit too. I thought changing the layout white text would be a good start because it was hard to tell if there was a link to each post and the white ran in with the white background. You can also send me a message to my inbox here on LJ discussing this community, if you prefer. Thanks and I hope to hear back from you soon!

hey, i changed the layout again cause the white one didn't look good. well, it was red in the past and there was a picture at the top of it and the letters had different colours... and everything. i think it stoppped working when livejournal made some changes to the coding options. anyway, i picked something random from the s2 styles for now. you can change it if you don't like it.

i'm sorry i abandoned this community but i don't have the time and will to look after it anymore. also, i'm offline most of time. i'm afraid you should find someone else to help with the community as i can't maintain it anymore.

so yeah, i'm leaving. from now you're the owner of this comm, take good care of it! feel free to make anything you want whith it, without asking. if there was no you i would delete this group a long time ago already.

Hi Lee! :) It's good to hear back from you! Hope your doing well. I saw your new "Mods" post on the spit_bug community and I'm glad you made that post. I will need help moderating the community. I replied to it, so that you'll know I'm still interested in maintaining/moderating it. I LOVE the new layout of the community! I will leave the layout as is. It's ok that you abandoned the community. You can still be a member of the community, even if your unactive or busy. Thanks for giving the community over to me! If you no longer wish to maintain it, just remove yourself as maintainer. Really? Thanks, I'm glad that you did not delete this community! As there wouldn't have been anywhere else to talk about asian rock music here on LJ! ;)

feel free to do anything you want with this comm (^-^)

Thanks, Lee! :) Do you have any suggestions for me?

i don't know... maybe you should rewrite the user info?

i'll remove myself from community maintainers as soon as you'll find someone for my place (^.-)

Ok, I PMed a girl that's in the community and on my friends list. I'm waiting for her response.

By the way, Can I add you here on LJ?

so what's up?

of course you can! i added you back, sorry it took so long, i haven't been here for a while (^^;)

I PMed another member of this community. He said he wants to mod...that was a week ago and I replied a few days later to make sure he wants to mod the community and he hasn't responded back. Should I PM him again or do you want to ask him about it?

no, no. it's all up to you now :)

i was just curious xD

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