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Yes the world of rock is, generally speaking, a pretty male dominated place. But what with the recent emergence of many undergroud female rock bands in Japan I felt there needed to be a place to help give them some publicity. Feel free to update with new bands, possible American & European tour dates, whatever. Anything to help this community thrive!

____________________Women who rock
Believe it or not the Japanese music industry is not just dominated by pre pubescent girls dancing to homogenous fluffy pop tunes in matching outfits. There are a ton of all girl thrash rock bands in Japan they just don’t get the type of publicity they deserve. More often than not they are forced to play to either crowds who have no interest what so ever or the few people who bothered to come along. For these very reasons most of them come to America to seek some appreciation for their music. The likes of Shonen Knife, Super Junky Monkey and 54 Nude Honeys have all spent prolonged amounts of time in the US and Cibo Matto have even moved there permanently.

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